• Dual Heat and Chill Zone
  • 12 Jets Cold Side
  • 31 Jets Hot Side
  • Pop-Up Waterfalls
  • Foam Cover Included
  • LED Lighting
  • Any Acrylic Options
  • Ozone
  • Extreme Foam

Additional Information

Customize your spa experience with precise temperature control, offering a relaxing getaway according to your tastes. For refreshing times, the (Signature NSC8) has a chilling capability, featuring a 1hp chiller on the cold side that can chill the water to a restorative 39 degrees, with an option for an even lower 37 degrees. Enhance your spa environment with the soothing sounds of pop-up waterfalls, providing a quiet mood that compliments the therapeutic advantages of water therapy. Set the atmosphere with brilliant LED lights, converting spa evenings into unique moments under relaxing illumination.


Measuring 91x91x36 inches, this wonderfully built hot tub fits smoothly into any environment, providing sumptuous luxury without sacrificing space.

Load Capacity

The (Signature NSC8) provides warm relaxation for up to four people, making it ideal for relaxing with friends and family. With its extensive design and comfy chairs, this swim spa allows everyone to relax and unwind.


The Signature NSC8 comes with a comprehensive warranty package that ensures your happiness and peace of mind. This includes a substantial one-year guarantee on all components, ensuring that any flaws are immediately handled. In addition, you will get 90 days of labor coverage for any repairs caused by unanticipated manufacturing defects. Rest assured that the chiller unit is also covered by a one-year guarantee, giving you confidence in the Signature NSC8’s dependability.