Our Spa Side Handrail is the best handrail system for hot tubs ever invented.

Unlike other rails, this one has a footplate which slides under the spa,
so there are no screw holes to drill into your cabinet, and no hardware to attach!

360° of movement which allows easy spa entry or exit!

  • Measures 57″ tall. If you ever change spas, the rail is simple to install on your new replacement.
  • Weatherable and Durable arising from the material rust-free aluminum
  • High Quality and Best Sell Product
  • Economic and Convenient, it can be installed and take off by hand
  • Helps you enter and exit any hot tub.

The bathtub handrail has a slip-free, black foam grip, attaches to the hot tub, and is constructed from black, powder-coated, rust-free aluminum.


Product notes:
Measures 57″ tall.
Rail can swing inside or out to clear spas up to 40″ high.
May require draining and slightly lifting the spa for installation.

Slide-under plate dimensions:
16″ wide x 11″ deep (6-1/2″ slides under spa)