Each purifier lasts up to four months. Using it is simple. It is inserted into the center of your filter cartridge and remains there until it needs to be changed.
It is recommended that you drain and clean your spa before starting to use the Nature2 Spa Purifier. It is required if you are presently using bromine.
It easily slides into the core of all spa filters.

The Nature2 is not compatible with bromine.
The Nature2 keeps bacteria levels 100 times lower than the EPA requires for drinking water.
Caring for the chemical balance of your spa does not change. You still need to chemically balance the pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness levels as needed. The only additional chemical that needs to be added is a non-chlorine oxidizer once a week. Only a few ounces of this product is required.



  • Patented mineral process kill bacteria on contact faster than chlorine
  • No electricity, no moving parts.
  • Powered by water flow
  • Reduces work & chemical volume
  • Cuts bromine & chemical use by up to 90%
  • It feels better, no more stinging eyes, dry skin & damaged hair
  • No harsh chemical odors
  • Compatible with other spa maintenance products
  • Safe for swimming & for the environment
  • Saves time & money